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When to Call a Mobile Auto Electrician

August 14, 2015 Richard

There are many reasons to hand your car to a mobile auto electrician for specialized servicing or repair. The easiest way to remember what auto electricians do, is if it requires power to run, then one can help fix it.

By comparison, a mechanic may not have the qualifications, training and experience to do this kind of specialist work.

In this post we describe a few of the typical problems Melbourne auto electricians attend to in the course of a busy day.

Problems Starting your car

There are a myriad of electrical reasons why your car might not start (that doesn’t include leaving it in drive, running out fuel or other simple mistakes).… Continue reading

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Describing Car Problems To Your Mechanic

July 10, 2015 Richard

It’s important when you drop your vehicle off that you’re very specific about what car problems you want fixed and what issues there might be with your car. Don’t assume that your mechanic will be able to find and solve all car problems without your help because cars don’t talk. Remember, you’re driving the car more often and under all kinds of conditions.

The mechanic might only take it for a quick test drive, so it’s not surprising that they won’t identify all of the issues. Quite often you can make it quicker and easier for them if you help to identify the problems with the car.… Continue reading

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Smash Repairers and How to Deal With Them

July 10, 2015 Richard

You shouldn’t really have too much to do with smash repairers in general, unless you count classic car restoration as one of your hobbies.

If you’re going through your insurance company they will normally sort things out for you. It’s only if you’re looking to get work done that isn’t covered by insurance, that you need to think about which smash repairers you should take your car to for a quote.

That said – and regardless of which situation you find yourself in there are handy tips towards the end of this article about what to do when you get your car back and how to keep the detail looking smart.… Continue reading

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Car Wreckers & Dismantlers: Five Vital Secrets

March 4, 2015 Richard

Car wreckers can be a great source for spare parts for your car, especially for the pieces that are hard to get from an automotive store or too expensive. Just make sure you do your homework properly and follow these 5 tips, because prices can vary significantly and there may be much to save.

5 Vital Secrets When Dealing With Car Wreckers & Dismantlers


Tip 1: Negotiate

Selling used spare parts (especially older ones) can be a bit of a black art. Some car wreckers will try it on and give you a high priced quote to see if you’ll pay it.… Continue reading

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Types of Trailers: What’s Best to Buy or Hire

March 4, 2015 Richard

In this article we’ll look at trailers, and the different types that you’ll find in yards for hire, and retail shops. We provide a brief overview of the types of trailers available, and make suggestions regarding how to use them best.

The Common Types of Trailers

Car Trailers

These are flat bed types of trailers that normally don’t have much of a sidewall beyond what’s needed to stop the load slipping. They tend to be a bit over 6 foot wide, but can vary in length. They should also include a set of ramps which are integrated into the trailer, so that you can load and offload vehicles with everything you need.… Continue reading

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Car Detailing: 5 Tips for Saving Money

February 4, 2015 Richard

The better you care for your car, the nicer it will look, the more pleasant it will be to drive and  the better it will hold its value. Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your car looking slick. Plus, you won’t have to get your car detailed as often.

Tip 1: Don’t Wait Until Your Car is Filthy

This tip is from both a look and an easiness to clean perspective. Very dirty cars are tougher and take longer to clean. They also have a higher chance of having damage to their paint as dirt acts as an abrasive to the wax, polish and even the paintwork.… Continue reading

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