5 Reasons Why You Should Install A Car Reverse Camera

Install Car Reverse CameraIn the market for a new car gizmo? Browsing the market and want to know a ‘must have’ technical feature for 2017 and beyond? Looking to upgrade your caravan for a better and safer experience? The answer is simple: install a car reverse camera.

As far as investments for your vehicle or family go, considering a reverse camera installation is a great one. But if the benefits of seeing where you’re going aren’t obvious, here are 5 great reasons you need a reverse camera for caravan adventuring or just everyday safe and happy motoring:

1. More eyes

Who says you can’t have eyes in the back of your head? Easily spotting where you’re going when reverse gear is engaged is not only to look after your valuable vehicle or caravan, but for others around you including pedestrians, cyclists or others. Reverse blind spots can be particularly bad in larger vehicles, or if you have a caravan attached, and a reverse camera is always on the lookout for danger or a simple, day-destroying fender bender.

2. Mirrors and beyond

However, many may dismiss the need for reverse cameras on the basis that they’re nothing but a gimmick – a trusty look over your shoulder and reliance on traditional mirrors is surely more than good enough. But this is just not true. A car reverse camera has a far superior field of vision than a mirror, and the quality of the image is also normally less distorted. Not only that, there are car reverse cameras that work brilliantly at night, and in bad weather – like systems with wipers!

3. Look after your property

Yes, you’re watching out for people and concerned about damaging other people and their property – but what about your valuable stuff, too? The latest reverse cameras are actively seeking out and differentiating between stationary and moving objects, helping you to manoeuvre in and around the tightest of confines with visual and sound warnings, and in many cases actively preventing collisions as well.

4. An insurance policy

How else is a state of the art reverse camera better than just eyes or mirrors? They’re an insurance policy, too! Some installations allow you to actually record incidents, which is great for when you need to press rewind and prove what happened beyond a shadow of doubt. So when you’re in the market for a new or used car or caravan, a reverse camera is a great feature to look out for that could really pay you back in the future.

5. Reduce stress!

Hitting reverse gear strikes absolute fear into many road users. The prospect of parallel parking, for example, will leave an otherwise confident motorist abandoning ship and burning precious time simply looking for an easier place to park. But reverse cameras have transformed ‘going backwards’ for so many road users, including casual users of caravans who just want to nip away for a relaxing weekend rather than worry about how on earth they’re going to cope when hitting reverse simply cannot be avoided.

These days, there are great wireless car reverse camera options that are simple to install, but for total peace of mind or a more professional and complex reverse camera installation, you might need one of Melbourne’s top auto electricians.

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