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Search Frog local directory acquires Find Auto

December 23, 2017 Andrew

We are excited to announce that Find Auto has been acquired by the Search Frog local directory.

This change means we can be a part of a fast growing, world class local directory for Australia. Our content will bring value for readers and better connect local services, complimenting the extensive automotive services business listings on Search Frog.

We’ll continue to deliver quality automotive and motoring content under the Search Frog brand and look forward to this next step in the journey:) Please join us there!… Continue reading

Satellite TV for Caravans
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Satellite TV For Caravans: 7 Questions Answered

October 4, 2017 Andrew

There are plenty of reasons why Australians love to attach that caravan and set off on the road. It’s an easy and enjoyable break from the daily grind and a brilliant way to get close to nature. But just because all of that is true, it doesn’t mean many people don’t ask us a lot of questions about satellite TV for caravans.

At the end of a long day of lounging on the beach, hiking and cooking barbies, often there’s nothing better than switching on the TV for an hour of entertainment. This is especially true if you have kids who need some quiet downtime, but it’s also great to keep up to date with the news or check up on the weather.… Continue reading

Car battery light on dash
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Car battery light on? Here’s 8 steps to help you!

September 26, 2017 Andrew

We’ve all been there. Monday morning. You’d rather be in bed than turning the key in the ignition. And then you spot it. The car battery light – that annoying dash alarm that looks like a little lit-up car battery.
Sinking feeling. What do you do?

Whether your car is old or new, the car battery light indicates that something is wrong with the way your car is charging your all-important battery.

Just like your TV remote and your electric toothbrush, your car needs a battery. The most obvious sign of a dead one is when the car won’t start, but that battery also provides crucial power to things like your radio, your lights and your engine.… Continue reading

Install Car Reverse Camera
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5 Reasons Why You Should Install A Car Reverse Camera

September 1, 2017 Andrew

In the market for a new car gizmo? Browsing the market and want to know a ‘must have’ technical feature for 2017 and beyond? Looking to upgrade your caravan for a better and safer experience? The answer is simple: install a car reverse camera.

As far as investments for your vehicle or family go, considering a reverse camera installation is a great one. But if the benefits of seeing where you’re going aren’t obvious, here are 5 great reasons you need a reverse camera for caravan adventuring or just everyday safe and happy motoring:

1. More eyes

Who says you can’t have eyes in the back of your head?… Continue reading

Choosing a caravan
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How To Choose a Caravan For Your Australian Adventure

June 1, 2017 Andrew

For the ultimate Australian outdoor experience, nothing beats the freedom of caravanning across this spectacular country. Most of us have been away on a caravan expedition of one sort or another, but choosing a caravan that’s right for you is still a tough decision! There are so many different types of caravans to choose from, hard tops, pop tops, 13ft vans, 18ft vans and then all the different brands!

No wonder it can initially seem overwhelming. How do you know what to look for in a great Australian caravan? Ultimately the right caravan is the one that best suits your needs, so let’s explore that with these four tips for choosing a caravan.… Continue reading

Classic Car Events 2017
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Australian Classic Car Events in 2017

May 19, 2017 Andrew

Who doesn’t love a sexy classic car? Ok, so when it comes to dropping the kids at school, or pushing the boundaries and enjoying the convenience of modern technology, the head probably rules the heart and you need a modern car.

So why do we love a classic car? They’re elegant, they’re unmistakably beautiful, they’re mechanical rather than electronic, loud rather than environmentally friendly, sturdy rather than super-safe, as bold as they are fast and nostalgic – and more.

And what’s the only thing better than a classic car? It’s a classic car event! Meet like-minded people, entertain the entire family, get your racing motor running, and simply indulge in that world you love – where the journey is always better than the destination: classic cars.… Continue reading

branson small tractor 2900 28HP
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Finding Small Farm Tractors With Big Ability

March 25, 2017 Andrew
The Branson small tractor 2900 28HP – Made in Korean

If you’ve taken a tree change and moved to a small acerage on the outskirts of town, chances are at some stage you’ll think ‘This would be a whole lot easier with a tractor’ will arise. But it’s not as out of reach as you might imagine, especially when there are small farm tractors for sale that were built to make exactly what you’re doing a whole lot easier.

Perhaps your acres of lawn have outgrown your regular mower and your patience. You and your lower back are sick and tired of hours of wheel-barrowing.… Continue reading

winter car maintenance tips
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Winter Car Maintenance: 5 Tips To Get Your Car Winter Ready

March 25, 2017 Andrew

We’re saying goodbye to March – and what does that mean? It means a stunning summer is well and truly behind us. But it’s not just the page-flick of a calendar, the end of summer also means getting ready for that colder weather: putting a new winter coat in your wardrobe, and making sure your valuable car is equally prepared for those cooler days too.

Now, while we don’t do much scraping of snow from driveways or fitting of snow-chains on tyres ‘down under’, it still gets mighty chilly in the dead of an Aussie winter – so don’t just expect that your car is ready for every type of weather our country can throw at it.… Continue reading